Spring was welcomed in fine style by the South African motoring fraternity with the running of the 4th annual Concours South Africa on 31 August and 1 September at Steyn City, just north of Johannesburg. Following two days of intensive judging that saw just 11 points separating the top ten cars, overall honours went to the 1970 Dino 246GT of Vic and Gerard Campher, with second going to Raveen Sewchand Ramlakan’s 1990 BMW 325iS, and third to Neville Forssman’s 1960 Alfa Giulietta Sprint. Our man Douglas Abbot was on hand with his camera.  

concourssa-194-1.jpg concourssa-1.jpg concourssa-14.jpg concourssa-15.jpg concourssa-16-1.jpg concourssa-18.jpg concourssa-21.jpg concourssa-23.jpg concourssa-25.jpg concourssa-28.jpg concourssa-32.jpg concourssa-34.jpg concourssa-39.jpg concourssa-40.jpg concourssa-44.jpg concourssa-48.jpg concourssa-54.jpg concourssa-57.jpg concourssa-58.jpg concourssa-61.jpg concourssa-71.jpg concourssa-75.jpg concourssa-83.jpg concourssa-84.jpg concourssa-128.jpg concourssa-102.jpg concourssa-109.jpg concourssa-114.jpg concourssa-118.jpg concourssa-123.jpg concourssa-124.jpg concourssa-128.jpg concourssa-131-1.jpg concourssa-132.jpg concourssa-137.jpg concourssa-141.jpg concourssa-147.jpg concourssa-149.jpg concourssa-187.jpg
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