Citroën is celebrating 60 years of the iconic AMI 6, which was first revealed on 24 April 1961. With its compact dimensions and spacious interior, the vehicle was a great success for the brand with over one million models sold, half of which were the estate version that arrived in 1964. At launch, the new AMI 6 completed Citroën’s vehicle line-up, joining the iconic 2CV, ID and DS models. It presented a shape and style that many perceived as surprising in the automotive sector at the time.

After designing the Traction Avant, 2CV and DS with the Citroën design team, Flaminio Bertoni was asked to lend his talent to the design of a middle-range car, known as the ‘AM Project’, and the AMI 6 was the result. Bertoni described the car to his friends and family as his masterpiece – as the model was developed without the creative input of anyone else, Bertoni was able to fully express himself with the design of the vehicle.

The turning point for the model came in late 1964, with the arrival of a small estate version with a 320kg payload. It was a versatile model, providing just as much comfort to a family travelling on a trip, as it would for a professional using the car for business needs. In 1966, the AMI 6 was named France’s favourite car of the year.

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