CAPE 1000 TO DEBUT IN 2022

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If you’re a dyed-in-the-wool petrolhead, then the name ‘Mille Miglia’ will immediately stir emotions. This storied 1 000-mile race took place in Italy from 1927 to 1957 and helped cement iconic names such as Tazio Nuvolari and Stirling Moss in our memories of motorsport’s golden era.

The spirit of the Mille Miglia actually still thrives to this day. Since 1977 it has been run as a historic rally that attracts some 350 high-profile entrants annually, all in cars manufactured in the original racing years. The event is so admired that so-called ‘tribute’ races have popped up around the world in places such as Japan, the United States, Dubai and now, for the first time, in South Africa with the announcement of the Cape 1000.

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With the most incredible scenery and roads that the Western Cape has to offer, it is the obvious location for a similar road rally that pays tribute to “the most beautiful race in the world.”

The event, which will take place in March 2022, will be run over the course of four days (five nights) and will be limited to 60 cars in the first year. It will include grand touring, regularity stages and non-competitive track events. Entries are limited to certain brands, models and by invitation or application (and subject to approval by the admissions committee to ensure a line-up of top-end entrants).

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The categories are 1927-1957: Mille Miglia Specific; Pre-1976: Classic; 1977-1996: Modern Classic; and 1997-2021: Sports.

Some of the Mille Miglia Class cars expected to participate include the Franschhoek Motor Museum’s Bristol 401, a 1957 MGA, 1956 Triumph TR3 and 1934 MG K-Type.

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Beneficiaries of the Cape 1000 include the Motorsport Legends Benevolent Fund and QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA).

Registrations are now open on or by contacting Follow thecape1000 on Instagram.

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