South Africans know how to make a plan, and in the world of motor racing they are known for some seriously quick home-brew creations. We all know the legend of the Capri Perana, Chevrolet’s Firenza CanAm, Ford Sierra XR8, Alfa GTV6 3-litre and a whack of BMW homologation specials, but on Zwartkops Raceway on 1 February we will get a chance to witness some local 1960s machines that took on Formula 1.


Southern Africans ruled the global roost when it came to modifying and developing Alfa twin cam engines, and then proceeded to build cars which challenged the best from the likes of Lotus and Cooper. Cars of this period returning in February include the Syd van der Vyver Lotus 18 Alfa, Tony Maggs/Ernest Pieterse Heron Alfa, Garry Hocking Lotus 18/21, Trevor Blokdyk Cooper Alfa and a pair of Doug Serrurier-built LDS. Bucking the Alfa trend was the Lupini-imported Cooper, which was fitted with a Maserati engine in 1960. This car, which was driven by John Love, Trevor Blokdyk, Doug Serrurier and Don Philp, will also be in action at Zwartkops before heading for Cape Town’s Killarney Racetrack on 8 February.

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