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Award-winning rodent repellent electrified flooring device sets new benchmark in rat control for classic cars.

Using similar principles to an electric fence, RatMat safely and humanely protects motor vehicles and other valuable property from rodent damage. The scalable flooring device gives rodents an unpleasant but non-lethal shock to deter them. It was the brainchild of Dr Toby Bateson after a friend experienced costly damage to his car engine caused by rats.


Many old cars will have many entry points and exposed drive trains. These can allow a rodent to access more parts of the car, often leading to widespread damage. It is common for cars to need to be entirely rewired after rat attack.

After hundreds of thousands of hours of product usage, a car has never been damaged whilst parked on the RatMat. These are cars which have suffered damage in the past, in areas where rodent activity is high. Despite this, the system can be driven over and walked on wearing shoes.

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