Volkswagen is paying homage to its legendary Citi Golf model with the introduction of the limited edition Citi Vivo Polo. Citi Vivo is bringing back the ubiquitous three colours of Red, Yellow and Blue, which were used to launch the original Citi Golf in 1984.

The production of the iconic Citi Golf at the Volkswagen manufacturing factory in Uitenhage ended in 2009 after 25 years. Over that time, the plant produced over 377 000 units, many of which are still used on our roads today. Of course the Citi Golf gained some of its popularity from the quirky and humorous television and print adverts that told a South African story and we hope to see VW employing a similar campaign with its new model, along with the same engineering ingenuity that gave Citi Golf its cult status and longevity in the local market.

In 2010, Volkswagen launched Polo Vivo to replace Citi Golf as the market leader in the compact passenger car segment. In the past six years, Polo Vivo has been the best-selling passenger model in South Africa and has to date sold 229 300 units. There is no better way to celebrate the success of the Polo Vivo than to pay homage to its iconic predecessor. As the three colours of Red, Yellow and Blue are synonymous with the classic Citi Golf, it was fitting to use them as the only colours for Citi Vivo. And no, you still can’t get it in green!

Citi Vivo comes from the 1.4i Conceptline Polo derivative, which has a power output of 55kW. In addition to the standard features of Conceptline, the new Citi gets 15-inch alloy wheels, side mirrors, door and tailgate handles and CITI decals all in white. As a special edition only 2 000 units are planned and it retails for R177 300.

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