Hi Stuart, I’m a member of a group that traces Autodelta cars’ history. For some time now, we’ve been after the identity of a particular Alfa 33/2 that might have been the one that was entered by Scuderia Scribante and that raced at the 9 Hour at Kyalami on 7 November 1970, Cape Town on 21 November 1970 and Lourenço Marques on 29 November the same year.

While in SA, the car was painted blue for the wax brand that sponsored it. None of the documents that mention it – from the moment it was sold by Autodelta to SCAR Autostrada, to Le Mans entry, Targa Florio, etc – mention its chassis (VIN) number. We managed to narrow the search down to two cars, the Scuderia Madunina chassis *022 and this elusive SCAR’s 33/2. But which one was in South Africa?

I wonder if anyone in South Africa can supply any info on the car, where it came from and where it went to?

Thank you very much,
Toy de Carvalho

Hello Toy, that sounds like a wonderful group to be a member of. Digging through archive information is one of the most rewarding aspects to this classic car niche we find ourselves in. This is made even more exciting by the fact that you are looking into one of the most exciting race cars ever made – in my eyes at least…

My first port of call would be to contact David Pearson of Not only does he have a massive collection of racing images available, but he has also tracked down literature that might help him identify and catalogue the archives.

If any reader comes forward with information, I will be sure to pass it on to you. Keep up the exciting ‘work’.

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