Dear Stuart, an article related to the induction of a new member to the South African Hall of Fame in the April 2019 issue of CCA encouraged me to do some digging. Scanning the website showed that one of the criteria for nomination to this entity is contributors born in South Africa. I was surprised when I could not find Gordon Murray’s name on the list. Maybe I missed his name or his selection is in process. Just to update readers: under his watch 22 Formula 1 cars (that participated in races) were designed. He also designed the McLaren F1 road car and was honoured with a CBE (Commander of the British Empire) during 2018.  

Thank you for providing us with a magazine comparable to world-class magazines. The only frustration that I have with CCA is that captions are missing below photographs.

Kind regards,
Tian van Niekerk

A very interesting point, Tian, thank you. I was also unable to find mention of Gordon Murray but agree that as someone whose success inspires us to dream, he would be a worthy name on the list. I am not sure how the inductee process works but would assume nominations from the public or motorsport body would not go unnoticed. The website lists categories for Car Designer (Rory Byrne is on this list) and Motorsport (Jody Scheckter, Sarel van der Merwe and Wayne Taylor hold honours) so either would be suitable sections. I will follow up with the contact details given for the South African Hall of Fame and see if the masses need to get voting. The captions are something we are continuously working on but unfortunately we don’t always have the correct information and are loath to publish anything that we are not 100% certain is accurate. As always, we encourage readers to submit any additional information that we may have missed and will endeavour to include it in future issues.

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