Hi Stuart, I produced some 1/43rd scale models for the Dart and Flamingo for their 50th anniversary celebrations a while back. When some of these models were offered on eBay, a few were bought by a Gary Lownsdale in the USA.  See below his email which shows his quest to track down all of the Deltas sold in the USA and Canada. I think this will be of interest to GSM and other SA car enthusiasts. Sadly, I have no more GSM models for sale.


Kind regards,
John Rabe

Beautiful models, John. It’s a pity you don’t have any more in stock as I would be a buyer for sure. I was not aware that the Dart/Delta was sold stateside back in the day. Going by the picture of Gary in his car it is interesting to note that the cars remained right-hand drive – this and the reference to the name Delta presumably mean they were exported from the UK and not South Africa. I know of one Dart that used to race Historics locally and left when its owner moved to America – last I heard he still uses it in competition over there. Let’s see if any readers can shed some light on how many GSMs made it across the pond in period.

Thanks for keeping the interest alive.

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