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Monday, 10 May, 2021 - 18:00

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1934 Austin 7

1934 Austin 7

Austin was mainly associated with making large vehicles until WWI, however they did sell a small single-cylinder car named the Austin 7 hp from 1909 to 1910 after going back to producing larger vehicles.

In 1920, Sir Herbert Austin started working on the idea of a small production car motivated by the need for a production car aimed at younger families and the introduction of the "Horsepower Tax" that came into effect in 1921. Because his company was in receivership and the board of directors and creditors opposed the initial concept, Austin decided to work on the project himself. He began in 1921, with the help of an 18-year-old draughtsman from the Austin Factory in Longbridge, and began putting it all together from his home.

Austin finally announced the Austin 7 to the public in 1922 after the design was officially complete and after three prototypes were produced. Almost 2 500 cars were produced in the first year of production and after its complete production run in 1939, a total of 290 000 cars and vans were made, dominating the cyclecar industry and turning Austin Motor Co. into a more successful motor company.

This Example

Please note: this car has no papers and is not on Enatis system.

This vehicle is available to view by appointment in Cape Town.

Reminders to bidders:

  • A buyer's premium of 5% (which includes VAT) for cars and bikes applies.
  • The minimum buyer's premium is R5 000 incl. VAT for cars and bikes (eg. if R50 000 is bid, buyer's premium = R5 000 and total cost = R55 000).
  • The maximum buyer's premium is capped at R100 000 incl. VAT for cars and bikes (eg. if R3 000 000 is bid, buyer's premium = R100 000 and total cost = R3 100 000).

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Quick Facts

Reference: LOT-000087
Seller: Private
Year: 1934
Manufacturer: Austin
Model: 7
Derivative: -
Service History: Other
Mileage: 0 Km
Engine Size: 696cc
Engine Type: 4-cylinder
Fuel Type: Petrol
Transmission: 4 Manual
Layout: Front engine - rear-wheel drive
Power Output: 24 BHP
Exterior: Yellow
Interior: Beige

Photo Gallery

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Bidding Information - 1934 Austin 7

Estimated Price Range:

R 90,000.00 - R 110,000.00

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Start Date:

Monday, 03 May, 2021 - 08:00

End Date:

Monday, 10 May, 2021 - 18:00


8 months ago

Please advise what the final successful bid was? Thanks, Stuart Reid 061 7254892

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