Images by Chris Wall

DGD 2k23 SM-7

The Distinguished Gentleman's Drive, a global celebration of classic style, took place on Sunday, 24 September. It’s an on-road motoring event that unites pre-1980-designed classic cars and encourages participants to dress dapper and drive for men's health, with all funds raised being invested in vital research and programmes for prostate cancer and men's mental health by Movember. This year saw 66 countries host 202 drives with 6023 drivers and a total of $401 270 raised. South Africa came to the party with 7 drives, 154 drivers and $4181.94.

We teamed up with Chris Wall of CW Media who tagged along with 120 other drivers on the flagship Johannesburg drive. View some of his snaps below.

DGD 2k23 SM-11 DGD 2k23 SM-22 DGD 2k23 SM-102 DGD 2k23 SM-104 DGD 2k23 SM-132 DGD 2k23 SM-166 DGD 2k23 SM-172 DGD 2k23 SM-170 DGD 2k23 SM-186 DGD 2k23 SM-201 DGD 2k23 SM-227 DGD 2k23 SM-295 DGD 2k23 SM-208 DGD 2k23 SM-297 DGD 2k23 SM-303 DGD 2k23 SM-332 DGD 2k23 SM-423 DGD 2k23 SM-429 DGD 2k23 SM-452 DGD 2k23 SM-470 DGD 2k23 SM-498
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