Climb aboard Reefsteamer’s century-old steam train and join in on the the Heidelberg Great Train Race on 24 September. Featuring an impressive collection of vintage cars, motorcycles and aircraft, the run pays homage to the 750-mile race that took place in France in 1930 and saw the Blue Train pitted against a Bentley Sportsman Coupé. If you have a pre-1966 car or motorcycle, you’re welcome to join in too. Vehicles will set off in chronological order while seven vintage aircraft will fly overhead, and permission has been granted to slow the train down as it runs alongside a graded section of dirt road for that perfect photo opportunity. It promises to be a great spectacle, so pack a picnic and bring the whole family. For more information, or to enter or register as a photographer, email heidelbergGTR2019@gmail.com.

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